It is no coincidence that you are here. You probably know me or have you heard about one of the services I offer and would like to know more about it. You may be dissatisfied with certain things in your life. Perhaps one of the (life) questions below applies to you:

⦁ Why do certain things happen (in this moment) in my life?
⦁ Why do patterns repeat themselves?
⦁ What is waiting for me?
⦁ Who am I?
⦁ What do I want?
⦁ Why am I still unable to do what I want?
⦁ What stops me?
⦁ What choices should / can I make?
⦁ How can I make choices?
⦁ Why am I sick?

It is also possible that there are specific symptoms that you are looking for a solution for, for example:

⦁ Do you have symptoms that are “between your ears”?
⦁ Do you suffer from certain things that occur in your family?
⦁ Do you want to combine regular medical treatments with alternative forms of treatments?
⦁ Are you over- / high sensitive and are you looking for the way to sit comfortably in your own skin and experience your sensitivity as strength?
⦁ Do you feel that you do not belong here on earth, are “homesick” and / or long for a different world?
⦁ Have you had experiences that you can not properly place?
⦁ Are you tired and do not know how to proceed …


⦁ Want to learn something nice and new
⦁ Do you want to meet like-minded people?
⦁ Are you happy and do you feel that more is possible and do you want to be guided in it?

Then you are at the right address!

I would like to help you in your search to find answers and gain more insight into yourself,
so that you yourself can change things in your life to live from your heart and joy! I will not do any work for you, we will do it TOGETHER: my part is technical and ACTION is your part. You are responsible for your own healing process! You determine this consciously or unconsciously.

What would it be like if everything you dream of is going to work?