What is ThetaHealing® DNA

When the programm you have installed on your computer is no longer sufficient, you delete it and replace it with a newer, maybe different version. This way you are up to date again. Why wouldn´t you do the same thing to yourself? Deleting a blockage and rewriting negative programming with positive ones is easy when we are aware of howthe program was installed in the first place. This we all learn during the ThetaHealing® DNA basic seminar…

ThetaHealing® or DNA-healing is a very effective technique for (self) healing,
designed by Vianna Stibal (thetahealing.com) In 1995 Vianna, who was working as an intuïtive reader, discovered ways to facilitate instant healings during her readings. In the same way she actually cured herself from a cancer in her legs. She has been training thousands of people all over the world to use the ThetaHealing® technique ever since. Vianna keeps developing the ThetaHealing® method; she  shares her knowledge globally.

As you know, everything exists out of energy: people, their thoughts and emotions, animals, plants, trees, nutrition…anything that you can see, touch, taste, smell, hear, feel… Everything is connected to each other and reacting to each other, consciously or subconsciously. It is scientificallly proven that toxic emotions can lead to diseases. With the knowledge that emotions, feelings and the power of thought are directly influencing our physical health, we can safely say that everything that is needed for our best health exists in us. All that we are resides in our DNA. By using the Theta-brainwaves and the creative power of the cosmic energy field (also existing out of unconditional love and endless possibilitties, sometimes referred to as God) we can attune our physical body to the best health and start creating our life the way we would like it to be.

ThetaHealing® is working together with our cellular memory. Cell memory contains all the physical, genetic, historical/ past life and soul information.

When at a conscious level you´ve taken every possible step to change something or to achieve something, but it´s still not working out, then there is a good chance that on a subconscious level you are working in a different direction. Probably your subconscious beliefs are hindering you to fullfil your desired creation. When making use of the ThetaHealing® technique you can quickly and easily get ridd of any blocking beliefs, inhibitting emotions, fears and/ or negative self image. You track them down, undo and rewrite them into supporting constructive beliefs on a DNA level. With the help of muscle testing you can measure if changes truly have taken place on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

ThetaHealing® enables you to become balanced again and to experience joy, inner peace, harmony (almost the entire 70´s revived J)and it enables you to create from this place of wellbeing. You give yourself the opportunity to fundamentally improve the quality of your life and health. 

It feels amazing to let go what is limitting your growth and to return to being your True Self! ThetaHealing® can also help you to download missing contexts and feelings if you have not experienced them before. For instance; if in your system the comprehension of “abundance” is not present, you would not be able to create it. By downloading the understanding of a concept, your body now knows how it feels and as a consequence of that you can succesfully attract and recognize it. You become more conscious and more empowered and you become better at making choices and decisions. You become more loving and honest towards yourself and the world around you.  ThetaHealing® is giving you all the tools to manifest your life according to your original blueprint.

The ThetaHealing® technique is succesfully applied worldwide and is easy to learn and simple to use. It is good for cross usage with other energetic treatment. With this technique you can help yourself, your family, friends, animals, plants or cliënts. You don´t need a special gift or any particular prior knowledge. This technique is open to everybody, regardless of their culture, religion, racial descent or background and it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. ThetaHealing® is not a religion or conviction. It is a technique that rapidly uncovers and changes your beliefs in a balanced way, a process that otherwise would have taken years of traditional psychotherapy.

For me, personally, ThetaHealing® is a way of living my life.