Quantum Touch®

Quantum Touch or QT, is working with the energy of the Quantumfield. Referring to the energy that is ever in and around us. The power of QT lies in its simplicity. It is based on breathing – and body awareness techniques that lead to an increase in personal vitality (otherwise known as chi, ki, prana or manna). For centuries these techniques have been used by healers from all kinds of different cultures. Whenever the practitioner softly touches the client the receiver starts resonating with a higher frequency. The law of resonance activates the self healing capacity of the client. Then, his or her body intelligence decides what is being healed and where and in what pace the healing takes place. A lot of times this is noticeable straight away. For instance, one can experience sudden movements in the body. At the end the receiver of the energy is his or her own healer. It is important to drink enough water before and after the treatment, because QT puts the body through a detoxification. QT can be combined with other forms of therapy and it reinforces the effect of other healing methods.

 A Quantum Touch treatment can be an addition to standard medical treatment. Quantum Touch is not meant to replace your standard medical treatment. In case of disease please consult your general practitioner first.