Parasympathetic Nervous System

We come to earth to experience what our soul needs, already knows and had decided to enjoy and experience. For that she needs a body to fulfill her wishes and to live what she wants.

How does our soul communicate with our body?

Our nervous system is a system that connects us with ourselves, with the cosmos and our soul.

In this course you learn:

  • how and when does this communication take place.
  • What is needed for this communication and to maintain this communication.
  • What is the messenger (neurotransmitter) of the parasympaticus who makes life as a whole possible. And who is the manager of this messenger.
  • What is the connection between this messenger and the mitochondria.
  • The origin of all diseases 

Lots of practical information to reactivate parasympathetic nervous system and much more!

Course duration: 1 Day.
Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Investment in yourself: € 200.00 including educational materials, coffee, tea and refreshments. Lunch is not included.
Down payment: € 85.00 non-refundable.
Previous education: none
Dates: See Agenda