Crystal Viewing of the Soul (Crystal layout)

There are different memories in our DNA cells: the genetic memory of our ancestors, the historical memory, the soul memory of every emotional event that we as intergalactic beings have ever experienced.

Because all our lives actually happen at the same time, we have the ability to change events into our parallel lives. We do not interfere with our past lives, but we only observe. This process of remote viewing increases your awareness and your vibration frequency. It also improves your current awareness of life here, right now.

The author of this course is Christina High. You will learn the short version of this fantastic method during the ThetaHealing® courses – Rainbow Children and Layers of Life. Vianna learned it from Christina E. High. This one-day / two-day course offers you a full version of Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul. This is a powerful tool to better understand yourself and to work with clients / others. The unique thing about this technique is that within a single session the causes of your situation, failure, fear, loss, illness can be found and understood. You can see the reasons that disrupt and block the harmony of your relationships or your abundance and then change and resolve them quickly and effectively. You can find answers to your deepest questions and then make the right decision (eg a new idea, a project decision, etc.). During this course you learn to communicate with crystals and to listen to them. Crystals / minerals are like guides that guide us. You learn how to lay them, which essential oils to use to create a deep Theta stands for your client and then move him / her to the right space and time.

Crystal Viewing of the Soul gives you the chance to:

  • travel in the past, in the future of this life and in the future life (s)
  • to find and complete a traumatic experience and to help heal situations in the present
  • understand the reasons for your deepest fears and let them go
  • Clearly see powerful incarnations in the past and the future
  • connect with the energy of prosperity, abundance and success, by retrieving and activating your best qualities and virtues in the now
  • understand the karmic connections with certain people (for example, family members, loved ones)
  • gain insight into the causes of a present situation and subsequently change it
  • talk to your guardian angel, spiritual family, ascended Masters, your teachers and guides to get their support, help, tips, and advice
  • see your future in this life or your future incarnations
  • Visit other planets and galaxies or just roaming around the earth et cetera.

This is a deep, powerful technique. During the session, the person is fully conscious: he / she hears, sees, recognizes, understands everything that happens to him / her and has the situation fully under control.

In interaction with the body, crystals create an enormous energetic field that vibrates at Theta frequency, which in turn creates a space-time portal. If we assume that everything exists simultaneously in our “parallel lives”, which we call “the past” and “future” to make them easier to understand, then we are able to see these energies, change, understand and understand lessons. take as experience. This process helps you increase your awareness, increase your vibration frequency and be more aware of your life here and now.

ThetaHealing® knowledge is not a condition for participation, but desirable. Without ThetaHealing® is possible.

Course duration: 1.5 days
Investment in yourself: € 320.00 including workbook, use of crystals and oils, coffee, tea and refreshments. Lunch is not included.
Down payment: € 100.00 non-refundable.
Previous education: none or Basic DNA
Dates: See Agenda