ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

This seminar is a deepening of the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA seminar.
Everything consists of energy. This also is the case for our feelings and emotions. Except for joy and happiness we also experience fear, grief, anger, irritation and even hate. When we are dealing with feelings of guilt towards ourself and others, such a low frequency occupies a considderable part of our brains/ body and keeps us from living a life out of love (towards ourself and others). It also keeps us from enjoying life and to create from a playful state of mind. By making changes on a mental / emotional level both our genes and cells go through a transformation at the same time. They will regenerate which will result in healing. 

During this seminar the frequency of each participant will be elevated, which will lead to better results during healings and readings. You will learn to approach the deeper source of anger, hate, fear, pain or grief from a state of unconditional love. By perceiving and understanding a certain situation from all angles, emotions are being released. Whenever we release old wounds we feel enlightened.
The ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA seminar gives us a deeper understanding of the layers of existence that surround us. It also gives us a lot of information on the powers that are at work in the layers of existence. We learn how to heal from the point of all that is (source) on one hand and how to heal from other layers of existence on the other hand. 

You will also learn:

  • How to heal a broken soul
  • How to heal a broken heart
  • How to heal the baby in the womb
  • To release floating memories
  • To resolve vows, oaths, initiations from other times and dimensions
  • How to communicate with your higher self
  • How to manifest and create
  • How to reconnect with your ancestors
  • How to send love to the baby in the womb
  • How to connect to the divine
  • A lot of Downloads

By obtaining a better understanding of the layers of existence and how they are at work in our every day life we learn to recognize the programms that keep us tied to specific layers and peroids and dimensions (like oaths, vows, commitments). After this has been done, we learn how to delete them on all levels. By downloading feelings we haven´t experienced before or which we have forgotten, we learn how to live without fear, anger, frustration, revenge, resentment, grudges, regrets, agression, jealousy, misery, conflict setc. Then new doors in our development are being opened, enabling us to stop creating situations with emotions and feelings that have a negative impact on our life. Our life changes profoundly in a wonderful and magnificent way. Life has been handed to us in love and life wants nothing more than for us to reside in a continuous state of joy.

3 consecutive days
Investment in yourself€ 499 inclusive manual, coffee, tea and snacks. Lunch is not included.
Deposit€ 150 non refundable.
Prerequisites:Basis DNA
Dates:see Agenda

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