Lighterian Clearings

These initiations are accompanied by Exalted Master El Morya and Archangel Raziel with the purpose and intention of cleansing and purifying you at the deepest level in all your layers.

This course (Lightarian Clearings) consists of six parts; each part consists of a meditation and an initiation.

The first initiation:
Path Clearing (the cleaning of your paths).

The second initiation:
Birth Pattern Removal (the removal of birth patterns).

The third initiation:
Template Clearing (cleaning your blueprint).

The fourth initiation:
Attachment Removal.

The fifth initiation:
Lineage Clearing (the cleansing of your lineage).

The sixth initiation:
Veil Removal (the removal of your veils).

Time: 40 minutes in person, by telephone or via distance
Personal investment: € 110 per part for clients. For instructors there are additional costs of € 135 for manual and registration
Required education: none
Including: manual and registration at Lightarian Institute, America
Certification: Yes