Lightarian Ascension Bands

The Lightarian Ascension Bands ™ have been developed to make humanity aware of the eight higher vibrational ties of the divine, healing Buddha energies to assist us when we enter a new phase of our existence, to give us healing , to increase our vibration and to prepare to become part of the new human race. The eight tires of the healing Buddha energies are each significantly higher in vibration. They assisting you in preparing your transformation of your personal ascie process, taking you to considerably higher personal vibrational levels.

The focus of the Lightarian Ascension Bands ™ is the healing of your essential fields and physical body by bringing you into a natural balance with yourself, others and your surroundings. The healing energien create a stimulation and acceleration of your healing qualities, which bring you back into a natural state of balance in all areas of your life.

Your heart chakra will be opened and an activation of one or more certain chakra and subtle bodies will take place during each alignment. By receiving these alignments and working with the Lightarian Ascension Band ™ energies will dramatically increase your vibration, making changes at all levels of your creature, so that energetic clarity will arise. They will also let you see higher levels of consciousness and make your connection to pure, higher vibrational swing and support possible so that you are helped you become more aware of the infinite, divine creature you truly are.

The Lightarian Ascension Bands ™ alignments encourage different levels of healing and increased vibration while extends your qualities and masterhood for passing healing to higher vibrational frequency. Various qualities and talents can manifest and you will probably discover a great sense of spiritual grace in your life, because there is more light in your creature. You will open more and fully to higher, inner wisdom. When you go through the different levels of the Lightarian Ascension Bands ™, you experience an energetic acceleration within the deeper levels of your Self.

You don’t have to be on a reiki path to receive these adjustments. Anyone can receive the Lightarian Ascension Bands ™ without conditions. This program has been developed for anyone who wishes to develop themselves or is working on an ascence path.

Every level dramatically accelerates your personal healing and increases your vibration even more, so you can get more refined and higher vibrational energies and widen and develop your energetic connection with exalted master Buddha.

Level I creates an opening to Buddhas energies You can see this as turning on your energetic circuit, so you can be a channel for these energies.

Level II helps you make dramatic changes to your qualities to connect with essential creatures such as your guides, exalted masters, archangels and your higher self. You will discover that your intuitive qualities are developing further. You will experience a shift in your sense of self and spiritual transformation.

Level III introduces the ascension / descence process, which is the process of cleaning, release and transforming the density of your physical being so that you can descend higher self more into your physical body. When we start ascending we release the dominance influence of the mental body over our daily lives. We are going through the process of vomiting and letting go of our ego to make room so that our spiritual body can descend. Our higher chakras and lower chakras are activated while integrating with each other.

Level IV introduces the energies of mother earth and creates a lasting connection to Gaia’s supporting energy (Mother Earth) to create an expansion in healing work. Gaia is invited to the divine Buddha space to assist to create a wide, supporting healing platform.

Level V expands the higher tires and vibrational consciousness of the Buddhaenergies and invites the deity energies to participate in your alignment process, which provides you with powerful and loving umbrella.

Level VI gives you the highest vibrational, healing Buddha energies available to humanity. You will get the latest vibrational bond of energies that connects you to the highest levels of the exalted masters energies. You will meet exalted master Sananda and the divine healing room that creates space for powerful sometimes miraculous healing at physical level.

Time: 40 minutes in person, by telephone or via distance
Personal investment: € 110 per part for clients. For instructors there will be additional costs 150, – for manual and registration
Required education: none
Including: manual and registration at Lightarian Institute, America
Certification: Yes

Conditions: none.

Waiting time: 21 days.