Lighterian Rays

Ascending, Ascended, or Ascended Masters: The Masters are a team of highly developed light beings who are connected with the evolution of the earth and humanity. Since the beginning of time, they have ensured that evolution takes place according to the Divine Plan. When the earth and humanity needed it, they incarnated on earth to share their contribution with us. They left their knowledge and wisdom to help us grow. After their death, they returned to the spheres where they belong. 

From beyond, they are in line with incarnated masters and people on earth according to plan. They influence us in our dreams, visions and through other telepathic communication. At this moment the vibrational number of earth and humanity is being increased. This brings us ever closer to the frequencies of the Angels and Ascended Masters. This makes it increasingly easier to communicate telepathically with them. Just as they received information from non-incarnated masters during their incarnation on earth, we can now receive information from them. We can learn from their wisdom and truth and integrate it into our lives at our own pace. Thus we are included in the Divine plan for our lives, which is part of the total plan for the earth.

This course (Lightarian Rays) consists of six parts; each part consists of a meditation and an initiation.

The first initiation:
You need a basic initiation, the self-empowerment beam, to receive the other initiations. During this initiation you will be connected with Master Maitreya. The receipt of this self-empowerment ray will powerfully propel you forward on your spiritual path.

The second initiation:
An initiation into the cleansing jet of Exalted Master El Morya. His theme is power. El Morya is the reliable advocate of justice and life to high standards. He is the master of universal laws, truth and pure communication. He is a loving, just but also strict master, with great dedication to the Divine Plan.

The third initiation:
An initiation into the healing ray of Exalted Master Buddha. His theme is mercy. Buddha will support you in your self-healing process from the moment of initiation.

The fourth initiation:
An initiation into the activation beam of Exalted Master Sananda. His theme is purity. Sananda is particularly known for his life as Jesus of Nazareth. He helps in the total ascension process of the earth. The initiation will help you to be purified at the deepest level in order to speed up your activation to spiritual awakening.

The fifth initiation:
An initiation into the manifestation ray of Exalted Master Saint Germain. His theme is courage. Courage to consciously manifest that which is within the Divine Plan. St. Germain is the keeper of the purple-violet flame. The purple-violet flame helps us transform old karma and leads us to new liberties.

The sixth initiation:
An initiation into the energies of The Universal Source. The theme is willpower. The initiation into the Universal Source will stimulate and support you on your journey to an exalted way of being and doing.

Time: 40 minutes in person, by telephone or via distance
Personal investment: € 105 per part for clients. For instructors there will be additional costs 135, – for manual and registration
Required education: none
Including: manual and registration at Lightarian Institute, America
Certification: Yes