My name is Katinka Tchernova, I am a certified practitioner and teacher of:

  • ThetaHealing® DNA by Vianna Stibal & THINK
  • Etheric crystal surgery
  • Atlas correction
  • Quantum Touch
  • White Time Healing
  • Aura Reading & Healing
  • Working with angels
  • Coaching
  • Reïncarnation and Regression
  • Lighterian Angel Links
  • Emotional Release

In my practice I offer several different types of seminars, workshops and treatments that can help you to become more trusting in yourself and your life so that you will become capable of healing yourself.

You will learn to recognize “obstacles”, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns in your life without creating drama. You will learn to see yourself and to acknowledge who you are. You will learn to love yourself. You will learn how it feels to be present, experiencing connections to everything (yourself, others, everything) at the same time. You will also learn to be aware of this connection and to enjoy it. This will help you to let go of loneliness and separation and to create a life that is most desirable to you. A life of love, freedom, abundance and connection to everything that surrounds you. You will learn to do what you prefer doing.

Insights into both:situations and diseases in your life can be understood and then let go should you choose to do so. We discover the life goals that you have chosen on a soul level and how to target these. You will learn to live from a ‘mind set’ that is playful and full of trust, a mind set that goes from fun to even more fun! With a passion for life that is contagious and therefore a catalyst for collaboration, inspiration and the birth of possibilties instead of obligations, loneliness, rigidity and constraints. The possibilities are there for you. Find out what makes you happiest. 

There is much more to love than you think!

The only thing you need to do is to believe that your current thoughts are not the entire truth. They are not the limit. That is just an illusion created from our subconscious. Our subconscious contains all our (painful) experiences which assert themselves as the absolute truth. We resonate with the energy from our inner world, our (sub)consicousness and it´s putting up some fictitious boundaries to keep us from experiencing the painfull moments from our past ever again. That does not necessarily hold the truth. When you understand this, you can change it. “But how?”, you may wonder… That is simple. Human beings can be dissected in many ways, but one thing is for sure, we exist of an energy that is endless. That energy has the property of being endlessly creative. That actually means that anything we could possibly want or wish for can be created. Whatever you turn your focus to, what you choose to believe is what you create in your life. By consciously working with this energy you can actually let go of and change any impediments as soon as you come to understand them. This is what I am doing with ThetaHealing® and you can learn to do so too. As a teacher I conductt ThetaHealing® courses and workshops (please check out Education / Workshops) but you can also contact me for individual consultations.

You are very welcome!

Would you like to make an appointment or do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me on:

phone: (+31) 06-45494988 (also WhatsApp!)

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