What is Exponential Coaching?

Exponential Coaching can help everyone, not just entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, grow in a variety of ways. It can also aid individuals wishing to make lasting changes to their lives. These changes can be in the form of reducing or gaining weight, improving their relationships, for example, or making decisions concerning their future career. Exponential Coaches typically usually work on a fixed schedule to share personalized advice, actionable feedback and growth plans for business clients to increase business growth, accelerate their career and / or increase company revenue whilst for individuals, the actionable feedback and growth plans are to assist the client to achieve their personal goals, to improve their quality of life, to assist their personal development.

This development can be seen in the form of improving skills such as business leadership, adjusting the mental state of well being, coping with emotions, assisting with the decision making process, taking actions and also to identify courses of action to achieve their full personal potential, to identify and remove any mental blocks which might restrict them.

Coaching can be the single greatest investment you make in yourself, in your career, your business.

Whether you’re a business professional struggling with a promotion or an entrepreneur unsure of your next move, or simply an individual wishing to make changes in your life but unsure how to take the first step, the right coach can set you on a lucrative path to success. However there is more to life than just business – how you do anything is how you do everything…

What I mean by this is that if you’re stressed in work, then the chances are, this stress will seep into your private life or vice-versa, unhappiness in your private sphere can impact your business. It can also hinder you from building and managing a team successfully.

This is where my exponential coaching system can help you.

How? By assisting you on a pathway towards personal development using the exponential coaching system. This is a system where we will look at your mindset, bring you to a state of balance, set goals for personal development using massive action designed to create exponential growth, in all aspects of your life.

What does an exponential coach do?

Everything you think and feel influences the decisions that you make whether it will be an action or a reaction. Emotions are the fuel which drive us or hinder us. Sometimes thoughts and emotions can be limiting but we cannot completely eliminate them.

As an exponential coach, it is my task to help you identify these limits and propose methods to switch to supportive emotions and thoughts. The emphasis of a coach using the exponential method is focussed also on the elimination of stress using techniques for relaxation and meditation to find that sweet spot in life which will allow you to experience massive personal expansion.

You can expect that, as your coach my job will be to:

  • Ask you questions and guide you to answers that will lead to valuable insights
  • Provide advice designed to help you gain valuable perspective
  • Keep you accountable for your goals both in business and in your private life.

In turn, working as your coach, I will expect you to bring your full self during sessions so that you can work on your lifestyle, your business rather than in it. A level of self-awareness is required when working with a coach (in addition to the perspective you bring about your organization).

Why should you hire a coach?

For CEOs, founders, and executives, it gets lonely at the top. Without a mentor and accountability partner, many business leaders find themselves hitting the ceiling of what they can achieve. Leaders help develop teams, and coaches help develop leaders. For individuals, it’s difficult to see your limitations from within. A trained and experienced coach can identify them, give advice and guidance to show how to remove the blocks in your life.

In a successful partnership with an exponential coach, you stand to gain:

  • Greater self-awareness and mindset
  • Increased individual performance, productivity, and confidence
  • Clarity on what success looks like and the steps needed to achieve it
  • Development of critical soft skills and decision making
  • Accountability and growth

It is not unknown for the client to have their partner join in on the pathway towards personal development.

To find out more, schedule a 1:1 consultation with me now. This consultation will take approximately 30 minutes, is without any obligation and is free of charge. During this call, we will discuss your life, where you are, what you wish to do and what is possibly stopping you from achieving your goal. At the end of the session, we will both determine whether we feel we can work with each other. If both of us are in agreement, we will then discuss the terms and conditions – coaching is a custom fit, tailor made profession hence it is difficult to determine before this session what the overall cost will be.

For lasting success in this manner of coaching, I would typically envisage a minimum period of co-operation and development to be at least 6 months, including at least three to 4 sessions a month, although preferable is a period of one year.

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