Energetic surgery

Another way to treat physical or mental/emotional disorders is energetic surgery. This can also be called Aura surgery or Ethereal surgery. It is a means to perform surgery on the fields that are surrounding the body. Before one becomes ill and experiences discomfort, a disease is already visible in the aura. We can find / see it in the different ethereal (aura) layers. It happens frequently  that our body has created the disease after a long period of denial, fear, feelings of injustice, inner pain and strife with oneself and others, or as a consequence of unconscious reactions – in other words because of a survival mechanism.

Until the ailment or disease is removed from the aura, either through release or transformation, physical healing will not be possible.

When you become aware of the underlying story that is causing your body (you) to create a disease, the key to self healing is handed to you and a lingering disease is relatively easy to clear from the aura, without the need for physical surgery. However, this can still be physically felt. 

Energetic Surgery:

Through my clairvoyant, clairfeeling, clairknowing, clairscentient abilities I connect to the universal Source of Creation. I find out what is the highest truth for you in your situation and I communicate with the energy or the organ that appears to be out of balance. Images, feelings and impressions lead me to the core and origin of your situation. It occasionally happens that certain experiences derive from previous lives and you weren’t able to process them then. This can lead to physical or emotional problems or mental confusion in this life. I use reïncarnation therapy and coaching together to obtain the most desirable outcome for both body and soul.

Just the way that it is needed for surgery in a hospital we will prepare a safe working environment with sanitary conditions and protection as our top priorities. When that is done, I will guide you into a state of relaxation and I will inform you about what I will be doing. During the entire surgery you will be fully conscious in order for us to be communicating constantly on how you experience the treatment. During the surgery I will receive and share the information that is corresponding to the disease. It is possible that you have flashbacks to other lives. Most of the time it concerns unprocessed lives. I operate from the source of All That Is in allignment with the Archangels, the spiritual healing realms, light practitioners and light surgeons.

During the surgery (work is done on 49 different energetic layers) my hands are being guided. Often you will find that I work with crystals and ritual instruments like: Phurba’s , Vajra’s and Viswa Vajra’s. These are objects that have been used for centuries by Tibetan monks and Nepalese medicine men to perform surgery in the energetic field.

After the surgery, which will last for at least 45 minutes, you will have time to recover and then we will discuss follow-up treatment. It is very important to take at least three days of rest after this surgery and to keep any exertion to a minimum when it comes to strenuous work or sports. In addition to this, it is imperative to drink a lot of water to rid your body from toxins.

When you are dealing with very deeply layered physical and emotional problems you will need several treatments untill the energetic fields are comletely reestablished. The success of ethereal surgery depends on how much the client is able to raise his or her awareness. When there is no awareness about the siutation, whatever has been treated and released can be recreated.

It is very important to remain under treatment of your regular medical team. The ethereal surgery is declared succesful when your GP / medical team states that there is no longer need for standard surgery.