Crystal Viewing of the Soul

The author of this seminar is Christina High, Vianna learned this method from her. 

A shortened version of the crystal viewing can be learned during the ThetaHealing® seminars Rainbow children and Planes of existence. During this one day seminar you will explore the complete version of Crystal Remote Viewing of the Soul. This serves as a powerful instrument to get a much clearer understanding of yourself and it helps a lot when working with clients / others. The unique part of this technique is that it only takes a few sessions to have a very complete explanation of where the roots lie to your failure, fear, loss and / or disease. You will be able to see what is disrupting the harmony in your relationships and your abundance to then change or solve it effectively. You will find the answers to your deepest questions that will enable you to make the right decisions (for instance: a new idea or a work decision). During this seminar yourwill learn how to communicate with crystals and how to hear them. When you learn more about crystals and minerals you can understand how they function and how they guide us. You will learn how to place them, what essential oil is reinforcing the crystal in order to create a deep Theta state for the client that will allow him or her to shift into another time and place.

Crystal Viewing of the Soul enables you to: 

  • Travel in the past and in the future of this life and in future lifeslives.
  • Track down a traumatic experience and complete it, helping you to heal the present moment in your life.
  • Understand and let go of your deepest fears 
  • See clear and powerful incarnations in the past and in the future
  • To connect to the energy of abundance and success, by collecting your best qualities and to activate them in the present moment.
  • understand the karmic connections between you and specific people in your life (family member, lovers) and know what they mean 
  • gain understanding in the roots of a situation in the present and how you can change this
  • communicate with your guardian angel, spiritual soulfamily, ascended masters, your teachers and guides to receive their support, help and to be advised
  • view your soul in your current life and other incarnations

Crystal viewing is a deep and powerful technique. During the session the receiver is fully conscious He or she hears, sees and understands everything that is happening to him or her and is completely in control. 

Interacting with the body, the crystals create an energetic field that vibrates on a Thetafrequency. This in turn creates a space-/ time portal. If we consider that all of our parallel lives (which we refer to as our past and future) are taking place at the same “time”, then we are capable of seeing what is shown to us by the crystals and to learn from it and transform because of it. This process will help you to grow your consciousness/ frequency and to live more consciously in the present.

Knowledge of the ThetaHealing® technique is not a prerequisite to be able to attend in this course however, it is preferable. People without a ThetaHealing® background will participate in separate groups.