Individual Consultation:

Every form of healing needs the receiver to be open to it in order for it to work. The more you can open up and allow the work to be done, the deeper the level of your healing will be and the easier and clearer it will get to reach the core of a “problem” and transform it. There is so much more available to us than you can imagine!

Allow yourself to be healed by having the intention to be healed and by keeping an open mind. By giving your body the opportunity to indicate what it needs in order to heal, you will allow it to show you the root of the “problem”.

Since this is an individual consultation it is different for each person. Together with the client I will see what arises and what method, or combination of techniques, is most effective in their specific case.

The session can include a number of the following forms of treatment: ThetaHealing, Exponential Coaching, Energetical Surgery, Quantum Touch, White Time, Emotional Release, Crystal Layout – regression, Mediumship, Channeling, Angel Healing or any combination of these.

ThetaHealing Session.

The theme of a healing session will be discussed with the client. The Thetapractitioner is in Theta state (theta referring to the corresponding brainwave/frequency) The thetastate is a state of consciousness that is lowered, the way you also experience a lower brainwave cycle when you are asleep, under hypnosis or in deep meditation. It is the state of consciousness in which you have full access to your intuitive abilities. The level of duality (and therefore doubt) is being transcended. From the Theta state of mind, connected to the source energy of All That Is, any information about the current life focus of the client is perceptible and healing can take place. Then, after you have agreed to it, any limiting emotions, beliefs and disharmony in the body are released and replaced by positive pograms and feelings. These programs support you in creating your most desirable life. Deep fears and insecurities can be transformed into tranquility, freedom and self confidence. Because we all have free will you will have to give your verbal permission for transformation during the first session.

Through a simple kinesiologic technique like muscle testing, conscious and subconscious beliefs can be tested either positive or negative; showing us what statements you truly agree with.
It only takes one consultation to achieve a significant transformation. When a lot of negative beliefs are in place on a very deep level it will sometimes be necessary to look into a topic over multiple sessions. This way you can be certain that the healing is done all the way.

What can you do to prepare for a consultation?

It is important to drink plenty of water. To ensure that the muscle testing is properly functioning you have to be hydrated sufficiently. Make sure that you are clear on the specific topic you want to work on. Furthermore it is recommended to show up with an attitude that is focussed on creating a positive change.

Your time is as valuable as mine; additionally, respect the time of clients who may follow after you, so be punctual! Your session will begin at the agreed time and be invoiced from that moment. Don’t rob yourself of time for the treatment!


By implementing ThetaHealing® in your life, you will find a new way of looking at your present, past and future. It will provide you with the tools and the power to shape your life and to create what you want. Because the healing is taking place on such a deep level, it is possible that the changes become visible in your life straight away or in some cases after a few days or even weeks. 

What can ThetaHealing® do for you?

ThetaHealing® will provide you with support and is being used to heal emotional, physical, psychic/mental and spiritual disruption. Some examples:

  • Trauma counseling, for instance: birth trauma, grief counseling, addictions
  • Emotional stress, feelings of dissatisfaction (grief, pain, anger, fear, depression, burn outs)
  • Matter abuse (of any kind)
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of self esteem, problematic self image of whatever form
  • Work-/family-/relationship issues (entanglements, partner-, parental-, children or other forms of relationship issues
  • Processing and releasing passed relationships, proceeding happily with your life
  • Setting goals and manifesting
  • Any kind of phobias
  • Physical problems (diseases and disorders)
  • Weight issues
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • insomnia
  • Financial concerns/ insecurities

You can reach me for more information or to schedule an appointment 

Urgent consultation: from € 180.00 per 60 minutes

Please note that this hourly rate is, for business customers, exclusive of VAT.

Once you have requested a session, we will agree the tentative period of time for this session. Individual consultations are available between Mondays and Thursdays. An invoice will be issued for this agreed period of time, this invoice has to be paid BEFORE the scheduled session. If the client chooses to extend the length of a session, then an additional invoice will be sent later.

Should you need to reschedule a consultation, please do so at least 48 hours in advance.

If you don’t live near to Berkel-Enschot or in case traveling to Berkel-Enschot is not an option, then there are options for you to choose for a long distance session via internet (Skype / Zoom / Facetime / WhatsApp). In such a case it is necessary that you are familiar with ThetaHealing® and know how to do muscle testing on yourself (muscle testing can be explained prior to the consultation).

Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp software can be downloaded for free on the internet. Your computer also needs to be equipped with a microphone and speakers.

Questions arising from sessions asked per telephone / WhatsApp / Skype / Zoom (or similar):

After a session has ended, questions may arise; if so, please note that questions of a general nature will be answered free of charge. Questions about a specific matter will be invoiced at a rate of €35 per 15 minutes – however the first 10 minutes of questioning after a session will be given as my present to you and will not be invoiced.


emails sent after 5pm on Friday or over the weekend will be read and answered on the following Monday!