Crystal Layout
During this session you have the opportunity to see and experience everything yourself …

The scope of the experience with this technique (Crystal Layout + Theta) is incredible:

  • we can discover past lives and relationships with loved ones. This helps us understand and change the behaviours and patterns that we are now experiencing.
  • we can view, collect and bring back (download) our unique talents, gifts and knowledge that we possessed in other times.
  • we can see, understand where they come from and break with old patterns based on fear.
  • we can communicate with our Guides, Guardian Angels and the Creator about guidance and inspiration.
  • we can meet our soul, understand our path and our mission in this life here on Earth.
  • we can take a look at our future in this incarnation or the next.
  • we can find out the outcome of our decisions or our choices that we make or want to make now

Investment in yourself from €180 per 90 minute session