Coaching trajectory – Passion For Life. 

This trajectory is meant for everyone who is open to become the creator of their own life. Your daily life will confirm what you believe in. Often people are not aware of the beliefs they have which are blocking them from achieving success in (any area of) their life. Change your beliefs and your life changes too!
Use this approach to create what you truly desire, such as: a new job, a new relationship, clients for your company and or something different.. 

Through a course of 6 sessions each of  approximately 1,5 hour duration over a 6 weeks period, we will be working with the ThetaHealing® technique in a structured way to track down and eliminate your blocks (these blocks trigger the saboteurs in your outside world). By elimimating these blocks you will be able again to create the life you prefer.

Together we will look at what life you are meantto live, from a higher point of view and how your current lifestyle relates to that.

We will discuss the following areas:

  • your family;
  • your past;
  • your social environment and peer pressure;
  • abundance for you
  • your own fears to truly be succesful

You will also receive some new programs / beliefs that will be downloaded on cell level which allow you to experience change on a daily basis. By accepting new beliefs, new neurological connections are made in the brain that enables you to go down new paths. These “downloads” are enabling you to transform on a cell level throughout your whole being in a very short amount of time. As a result you will clear out many deep issues and subsequently attract the things that you want in your life. Your outlook on life will become much clearer.

Are you that person who wishes for success and allows it in their life?
Become the director of your own life; don’t wait any longer for other people to direct you! This is available to you!

Sign up and allow yourself a life filled with love, joy, abundance and happiness. 
You will invest € 1200,- for the entire traject.