Atlas Correction

The Atlas is located at the top of your spine and is your upper neck vertebra. It supports the head and is, descriptively speaking, the gateway to the rest of your body. With almost everyone this neck vertebra is not in the optimal position, which, logically, can cause physical and mental discomfort.

After years of experience with the standard correction method, Peter Lucardie discovered that the alternative way was also possible: the Energetic Atlas correction. This method is less uncomfortable and has demonstrated profound results for the reason that we approach it from a spiritual point of view: This is because your Atlas is the “gate” between the cosmos and your heart (chakra), therefore the natural position of this vertebra is the key to deeper consciousness. It straightens your back, so that your body is aligned. This improves your physical, spiritual and emotional balance and stimulates the self-healing capacity of your body. Your spiritual consciousness can also be optimally be developed through this. All information – from your head, your heart and everything else – is “found in an optimal way”. It helps you to get both feet on the ground and keep them grounded.

The Atlas is stationed at the height of your eighth chakra, which is called “cosmic flow chakra”. This chakra gives you access to your inner mystical connection and helps you make contact with higher levels of consciousness.

After the correction, Harmonization is applied. This facilitates your adaptation to the new situation and will also give you the opportunity to let go of what is incriminating at conscious or unconscious level: fears, traumas, that which we have received from parents and ancestors, after the medication, vaccinations, after various forms of radiation, anesthesia, anesthesia, nutrition etc.

People have felt and experienced on a physical level:

– to be stronger

– to have better resistance

– their Allergies disappeared

– their Concentration improvement

– they gained better vision

– any potential leg length difference disappeared

– gained an improved sense of balance

– elimination of complaints in the neck, shoulder, back, hip, knees, ankles

– elimination of injuries which were caused as a result of a whiplash

– reduction or elimination of headaches

– elimination of ringing in the ears

– No grinding teeth

– arch supports are no longer required

Because every person is different, the energetic Atlas Correction can have a different effect on everyone. The experiences are positive not only physically, but also on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level:

– You can feel stronger and more powerful inwardly

– You can feel more confident

– You can experience have a better feeling in your skin

– You can become more intuitive

– You can become more sensitive

– You can become calmer

– You can experience the feeling of being “grounded”

– You feel more contact with yourself and your environment

– You can feel more open and more balanced

– You can feel reborn.

The Energetic Atlas correction is not a miracle method, but it ensures an optimal balance, which is the basis of a functioning self-healing body.

This is a one-off treatment that is performed without tools or manipulation. After a few weeks an evaluation and after-treatment will take place.
For both appointments the total cost is EUR 160.00 for an adult and for a child is EUR 100.00.

Please wear comfortable clothes, not a dress or a skirt